Guided Dives

We offer guided dives in most of the North Florida caves, including many of the caves off the beaten path. With both a 16′ wide beam jon boat with a mud motor we can get around the ponds and rivers quite comfortably. And with Rob’s knowledge of the local caves, you’ll get to see the best passages within your training limits. Also, as an instructor with NSS-CDS, Rob can take you one level above your current training level. No other agency specifies that in their standards. Of course, there will be at least one dive at your level to assess your skills. If all looks good, see what it’s like at the next level. Fees include everything – boat ride, rental cylinders, and gas fills.

Here’s a list of some of the caves you can see during guided dives:

Jackson Blue/Jackson Blue 2
Hole in the Wall
Twin Cave
Gator Hole
Peacock I & III
Orange Grove
Cow Spring
And a few others that we’d rather not list but we can take you to if you meet the prerequisites.

Guided dive fees vary based on number of days and number of divers in your group. Contact us with your plans and we’ll provide you with a quote.

We also shoot video during all of our guided dives so you can go away with videos to remember your dives with! For some examples of videos taken during guided dives visit our YouTube channel – Rob Neto Cave Diving

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